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Urban Witches Flyer.jpg

Performance as Part of the Group Exhibition "Urban Witches Not Bitches - Beast From the East" curated by Viviana Druga

13. 01. 2024 at Neurotitan Gallery Berlin

"Holy holy holy holy moly mackerel market you offer both PROFANATION
and consecration - absolute and empty - the profanation procedures of art - protest transgression - the profanation procedures of art - now profaned themselves - nothing can be profaned any longer because everything has already been profaned by you market - anti-art swallowed by you, anti art market - fed into your accelerated cycles - gulped down by the drooling production of value - value invisible substance, being everywhere and nowhere - boom and bust - bloom and dust - everything has been profaned already except you market - you are holy holy holy sacred mackerel market!"

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